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Ghostbox was formed in 1997 by friends at Washington College who had previously played in two other campus bands, Who-Hash and Jazz Incubus. The six members of Ghostbox come from diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from psychedelia, alternative, reggae, funk, jazz, and electronic music. The Ghostbox sound revolves around chordal harmonies and layered, textured melodies. Our influences include Radiohead, Thievery Corporation, The Allman Brothers, Talking Heads, and Victor Wooten, among others.

What does each of us do? Andrew plays percussion; Dermot sings and smacks the bejesus out of his tambourine; Tim plays guitar, mostly lead; Ted plays guitar, mostly rhythm; Mike has been known to play the bass; and Greg, well he just drums.

Ghostbox has been featured on 103.1 WRNR, and has played consistently in the DC-Baltimore-Annapolis area, as well as up and down the east coast in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Delaware, and Virginia. Among the great bands we've shared the stage with include: The Disco Biscuits, The String Cheese Incident, Guster, Fighting Gravity, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, and Strangefolk.

Four members of Ghostbox later formed a band called Astralyte, a band focused primarily on electronic music. Astralyte wrote and performed the theme song for Metro Connection, featured on Fridays at 1:00 pm on WAMU, 88.5 FM.

To get a real sense of what we're all about, check out our calendar and come to our live shows, which constitute our open and natural habitat.

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