- Space Man -

When spaceman was a little boy
His mind leapt free of custom's weight
Without conceiving gravity
He'd launch beyond the commonplace

Forecasting humans on the moon
Or twisted forms they could assume
No mind of man could understand
Spaceman learned to hate the land

Soon glaring back at 6'3"
Through knotted locks of unkempt hair
Round a tattooed frame
With crossed out names
And thick black fur like a grizzly bear

He returned their human favors
Took his name from Ursa Major
Pushed fear beneath their fine veneers
And scared by way of a toothless sneer

In a moon atop a rocket ship
With rusted floors
And weeds wrapped round it
The sun spied down through an open door
And saw spaceman bewail once more
The stone on which his ship was stranded
A malice driven wicked planet
Mind half-baked and body shorn
He climbed familiar heights once more

Music helped him feel at home
Different songs became his stars
He played the blues upon his harp
And strummed in time with his guitar

He managed to improve his lot
Thanks to muddy waters and bourbon shots
Eyed women with distrust and lust
And flew with the help of angel dust

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