- Orbit -

No station's there to answer
You are hurdling across a distant sound
That metal better save you boy
When all your speed and motion run to ground

You know the horse he needs no blinders
Look above, around, ahead, below, beyond
Yeah, you'll feel the rider's panic when you see
That beast beneath, his fear is gone

Tell me are you frightened to escape the emptiness
When the fullness drenches all your world with sound?
What you have done, what you have seen
And took to be the brightest thing
Will explode into a thousand suns and color all your ground

Going round you've seen the oceans
Yeah, your orbit's taken you where beauty's shown
But past the next moon you might find a place
A darkness and a pain you've never known

Forget your friends and your redeemers
You are on this fragile vessel all alone
You'll soar above the surface
And crash along the waves, a skipping stone

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