- Dividing Clouds -

I saw flashes in the sky
Turned in bed while branches swayed
You called me on the phone, I was feeling quite alone
You bade me come and I obeyed

I put sandals on my feet
Outside I saw the rivers form
Rain's robust rhythm played, upon my heart and mind that day
But I'll no longer brave the storm

I'll sit inside my room and watch the clouds form
They'll just as quickly disappear

I won't hear the thunder's plea
Accept a wet apology
Even if it's covered with a tear
I've stopped caring what you say
I'm wiser than I was that day
Clouds will form, and just as quickly clear

Sometimes I'd talk to you all night
Hoping that you'd blow my way
Like water to cupped hands, you'd fill the arms of any man
And just as quickly slip away

Clouds will gather and divide
Streets may flood but I won't tear
Who am I to force, human nature from its course
I don't blame the rain my dear

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